Nature- Poetry

White summer blossom

A white summer blossom in the wild~ Hints Of Life

White Summer Blossomher breath quickening
her lips quivering with thirst
her feet dashing forward with each heartbeat
her eyes wandering in the wilderness
searching for the resplendent wild white flower
that possessed the secrets to her mind

dream, said the wild flower
have courage to write your dreams, it whispered

you must dare to dream – of the impossible, the unattainable, the transcendent
because, one day your dreams will come alive

when they do come to life
cherish them every hour, every minute, every second of your being
dare to dream my child, as dreams come alive


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Silent Sunday

Purple Sensation Allium at Central Park ~ Hints Of Life

Purple Sensation Allium_Central Park


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Wordless Wednesday

I dream of a flower growing in the swamp, fighting all odds, bringing hope to the universe ~ Hints Of Life

Swamp Azalea_CentralPark


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Wordless Wednesday

Everything you can imagine is real~ Hints Of Life

Redflowers_Conservatory Garden_CentralPark


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Nature- Heartfelt tales

Magnolia blossoms in Central Park

Magnolia blossoms in spring splendor at Central Park.~ Hints of Life

Magnolia blossoms at East Green, Central Park

The sky bright and blue, the air fresh, sunshine everywhere, and within it blossomed the stunning Magnolia Jane at Central Park East. Spring notably is the season of new beginnings, new life, colors and lasting memories. And I standing under the breathtaking purple-pink Magnolia flowers in the ‘East Green’, was creating a beautiful memory to share with my friends and family.

Entering the park from near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was welcomed by an avenue of Magnolia blossoms. From Magnolia Jane and Star Magnolia to the Saucer Magnolia there was a spring magnificence all around.

My first encounter was with the Star magnolia, the elegant, starburst flowers made up of long thin petals that vary in color from snow white, to deep pink, and from lightly to intensely scented. They are usually the first magnolia to bloom in spring or sometimes even in late winter. In fact, just a handful of Star magnolia have been planted in Central Park, mostly behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was under its shade, the subtle lemon scented flowers filled my senses with zest and exuberance.

Start Magnolia_CentralPark_EastPark
Start Magnolia, Central Park

Walking further the Magnolia jane colored the park in white and pink blossoms. The light scented, tulip-like blossoms are known to be late bloomers, and slow growers, and so less prone to suffer damage from late frosts in the spring. But when they blossom they are a sight to behold. They have a sort of ‘wow’ factor that forces passersby to stop to admire their eternal, benevolent beauty. The white and pink blossoms hang so close to the ground that I could touch them, feel their delicate texture and smell their fragrant flowers, leaning into the lush blossoms for the perfect #flowerpower selfie.

Saucer Magnolia_CentralPark_EastPark
Magnolia Jane, Central Park

Walking towards the obelisk (aka Cleopatra’s  Needle) another magnolia specie blossomed in spring glory. Saucer magnolias known for their large flowers bloomed in various shades of white, pink and maroon. I first spotted the bloom beginning at the stairway to the Obelisk, running north to the end of the lawn where the statue of Hamilton sits. The flowers of  saucer magnolias emerge dramatically on the bare branches of the tree before its leaves in early spring. Its leaves are shiny, dark green and oval shaped.  The magnolia species are truly sensational in this part of the park.

Saucer Magnolia_Magnolia_CentralPark
Saucer Magnolia, Central Park

I left the park with heartwarming memories that I’ll cherish for a long time. Magnolias are among the most ancient trees in the world, and some of the oldest found fossilized flowers. Like the cherry blossoms, magnolias represent the arrival of spring and should equally be celebrated as a spring delight. In Conservatory Garden, you can spot this bloom in the South Garden.


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Wordless Wednesday

A host of yellow daffodils swaying in the spring breeze at Central Park.~ Hints Of Life

Daffodils_Spring_Central Park


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